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Web Design Trends You Should Care About

Do customers care about web design? Yes, yes, they actually do. In fact, during the process of your website design, you should design it from the user’s perspective. You need to consider what users want and what they do not want in a website. Web design Malaysia understands that web design is very important in building a powerful website that eventually would have high traffics and conversions.

Trends come and go, but there are actually some trends that you need to care about.

1.Look up to principles of design

Go back to school. There are theories about design that your website should refer to. Your designers must understand the principles of design and follow them upon designing the website. The designers in web design Malaysia acknowledge the principles of design, and wholeheartedly using them as design bible.


Yes, video takes work, takes longer time than image. But hey, having videos on your website actually brings more business value to your customers. It would be easier for customers to watch your video rather than scrolling down to long texts.

3.Multimedia Long Form

Bring your products and services to life by bringing multimedia long form. Multimedia is one of the most attractive ways to present your product to the customers. It allows customers to imagine or visualize the experience of doing business with you. Use images, videos, charts, and maps to bring stories to your customers.

4.Web Books

Web books is the next e-books. It brings valuable information to the customers without the use of PDFs. The demand for information and knowledge is unavoidable these days and web books is a new way to cater to this issue.

Web design Malaysia cares for these trends and would love to help your businesses apply these trends. Web design Malaysia would hear your voice, your requirements, and apply the latest trends and techniques to your business website.